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Poker straight hair is a bit old-fashioned now (sad face). Modern hairstyles are all about movement, but actually, this is good news for older women – very straight hair has a tendency to ‘drag’ our features down and can make us look a little harsh. We need a little curl to help soften and create a more flattering and youthful looking outline. Hairstyles for older women.

These are 6 easy to do hairstyles, perfect for the party season. They’re also suitable for fine hair – just arm yourself with mousse, pins, rollers and a curling wand and you’re good to go!

I’ve tried this, even though my hair is much shorter and finer. It really does create the illusion of thicker hair. Use a good quality hair mousse and a couple of rollers (or a curling wand) to create a little wave. I also raise the lower ponytail slighter higher – I think it looks neater from the side.

One for slightly shorter hair, this is so pretty.

A firm hold mousse is applied to damp hair.

Rollers – Small sized Sleep-In ones are ideal and gentle on your hair, set in different directions.

Whoosh with a hairdryer and leave to cool. Use a little serum to rake through the hair and break up the curls slightly.

Short hair styles 2011

Finish with a sweep of shine spray – I found a can of TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray the other day, I’d forgotten how good it is for a brilliant (don’t use too much), shine.

£11.48 at Feel Unique, but you can get it for around £8.95 on Amazon – it lasts forever!

One for longer hair and a grown up alternative to the high buns teens love. Again, as with all of these use hairstyles, use plenty of mousse for volume and hold. This model’s hair is very long, but the basic technique works on below shoulder hair as well and doesn’t look as huge!

Check out her other hair tutorials:


Keep the top fairly smooth (maybe a little bit of back combing).

Bridal hairstyle

Use a wand to create medium-sized, loose curls. (see the handy size guide below)

Pin large sections from the front to the back, crossing them over.

This is my favourite one and the easiest!

If your hair is just below shoulder length, use a body building mousse to add volume and secure into a low ponytail and just continue to photo 3.

I use the clear Invisibobbles £3.75 from Boots. Not only are they almost undetectable in your hair, they won’t leave any kinks when you take them out.

If you find they lose their stretchiness after a while then a quick blast of a hairdryer or a dip into hot water will restore the springiness.

Hairstyles with bangs

To achieve this look on shorter hair, just wrap the tail around your finger once, then use extra pins to fasten any shorter pieces into the roll.

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