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Let's be honest: none of us wants to get out of bed even a second earlier than we have to in the morning and that's especially the case when it's double maths first thing. But that doesn't mean we don't also want a super cute and in no way bog standard hair style to take us through the day either. Celeb hairstyles.

Luckily fate is on your side with this one as we've rounded up 12 great celeb hairstyles that are quick and easy to recreate, and - BONUS - most of which work even better on greasy hair than they do on freshly showered locks.

You can thank us for that extra 15 minutes in bed later, but in the mean time, here's a load of school and college hair-spiration from the likes of Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Zoella and a pile more of your faves.

1. Space buns

If you're loving the 90s trend, give your uniform a throwback twist with a pair of space buns like Serayah's. All you need to do is part your hair from forehead to nap, twist up and secure. Best to use a mirror to keep the second level with the first.

2. Crimped ponytail

We all know the Ariana Grande is the undisputed queen of the high ponytail, but if you want to make yours look a little different to all 1000 other girls in your school or college, try crimping sections. If you don't have a crimper, just plait loads of sections into small plaits when wet, blast with the hair dryer and the undo them. Add a spritz of wave spray through the waved sections so they hold the crimped shape.

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3. Messy bun

No one does a messy bun like Kendall Jenner. It's the ultimate dgaf style but looks equally stylish and is easily styled up after school with a slick of mascara and some brow gel.

4. Braided bun

If you've got your hair braided but still want to wear it up, winding it into a bun like Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a cute twist on the classic style.

5. Triple pony

A sneaky way to add interest to your style AND make your hair look longer. To make it even fancier (if you can get away with it under dresscode rules) add a few plaits in the front sections of the hair and pin them into the ponytails.

6. Sleek chignon

Gigi Hadid's chignon might look fancy af but it's super simple. Part the hair along the centre, and secure at the neck. Then simply twist the hair until it begins to wrap around itself into a bun. Pin into place and you're ready to go.

7. Messy pigtails

A slightly more casual version of the pigtails we all wore as kids. Just spritz hair with a salt spray and then loosely plait or fishtail if you're feeling clever. Once tied off, gently muss them up to loosen and make look more slept in.

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8. Half-pulled through bun

Yet another easy peasy variation on the bun. For this, just start a ponytail, but on the last pull through, leave the hair in a loop so it's in a half bun. Keep it loose and push the tail around to the back and the bun will flop over most of it, hiding it and giving a kind of pineapple effect like Lucy Hale's.

9. Half up bun

This works great on people with thick hair or extensions like Lottie Tomlinson's and is a great style for anyone wanting to hide slightly greasy locks. If you've got super fine hair, you might want a doughut to help bulk it up or you can do Ariana and leave the top section in a ponytail. It's a sneaky way of giving a bit or extra volume to your locks.

10. Wavy lob

Gals with long hair don't get to have all the fun and if you've got shorter hair, a few loose and beachy waves will totally change up your day to day look. Prep the hair with a texturising salt spray and use a waving wand with a medium size barrel, curling away from the face. Scrunch curls and spritz a little more wave spray in to help the waves fix once your done.

11. Supersize bun

Got fine hair? Make like Selena and supersize your bun with a doughnut to pump up the volume. Just pull hair through and wrap around so it's covered, then pin in place. Keep the sleek and pin back any flyaways or, if you want to soften it out, tease more out around your face.

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12. French braids

French plaits are a school classic and whether you go for a single or a double like Zoella, these will work beautifully in hair that's been unwashed for a day or two as it adds grip. You can still do them on clean hair, just add a texturising spray first or fix with a light mist of hairspray after you've braided.

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