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There is no need to feel disappointed just because of thin, curly, or short hair. Several fashionable haircuts and hairstyles for men exist on the menu of daily stylish things to do. All it requires to match with your personality is boosted confidence that comes from choosing a right hairstyle. Stylish haircut.

Everyone is different in terms of skin and hair complexion. So, it is totally fine to have a distinct hair type. The type of hair you have is a reason to find the best haircuts and choose the most appropriate one for enjoying a stunning look. The hairstyles for men should be the ones that are inspired by the best stylists around the world. Only then will you be able to gain a stylish overall look.

Whether you are looking for stylish undercuthairstyles or cool short haircuts for men, the latest cuts and styles tend to render trendy looks. Due to a diverse collection of these styles for men, it might not be so easy to go with one style. So, it is perfectly fine to experiment with different styles. You can pick a few styles and try them each month or after some months. So, here are the trendy hairstyles for men in 2017, which even the new dads too can try with Benjamin McKenzie being the guide.

Have it like Beckham! Yes, this hairstyle is the choice of many male celebrities such as David Beckham, Zac Efron, Jeremy Renner, Josh Duhamel, and Orlando Bloom. The style delivers the mohawk look without shaving the hair. The names of these celebrities who have or had this look here are just a few to name. There are more who have rocked the look.

David Beckham is the most popular athlete to have rock the hawk look. Although he usually keeps his hair short on sides and slicked back, he is admired for its total Mohawk look.

For Josh Duhamel, this hairstyle is beneficial for his widow’s peak keeping the sides back. Now, instead of covering it up, he cuddles it.

Ladies short haircuts

With this hairstyle, the admirers can only remember Jensen Ackles for his performance in the show, Supernatural. The hero is known for his league haircut, although he had a faux hawk style for many years. Today, it is more of the ivy league cut, a style that maintains his manes a little longer atop, which points out his bangs clearly. This is one of the hairstyles for men that requires little effort to look stylish.

This style is worth imitating from Josh Holloway who is famous for his performance in two shows namely, Lost and Colony. He has modified his hairstyle for a while by removing his longer manes while performing in the Intelligence show.

However, Josh has now retained his moniker style, which features freely flowing manes. He has medium length blonde hair that he lets hang loose. He has parted his bangs a bit in the middle for making them fall on either side. Consider the Josh style if you have long, straight hair.

In case of lots of waves to long hair, you can go the Harry Styles and let it fly freely. An alternative yet a smart way to style wavy manes without having the full Harry Styles look is the Diego Boneta style. This is wherein you allow your manes to a bit long and wild but not far reaching beyond your shoulders. Consider this look if you are an artist, such as a painter or a poet. Diego Boneta, a famous TV actor, is a man with curly locks. However, he has managed to get the style of parted curls featuring curly medium-length hair parted slightly to the side so that the curls can fall for a freely-flowing and long look.

If you have dreads, style them like Eddie Lacy. This is the style wherein you allow them to flow down the shoulders.

Short layered hairstyles

Another style in the long and free-flowing category to try out is the Jared Leto style. Alternately tagged as the Jesus, this is a killer style with that divine although optional beard.

This is what Leonardo DiCaprio has! It is obvious that many of you are also going to try it! Instead of looking for some distinct way to style, several celebrities as well as other men just opt for a slicked back. This style is well set on the manes of this Titanic hero.

He has slicked his locks back in the front, while leaving a small part at the side. At times, he slicks the manes to the side as well, which makes up for a bit different appearance. This hairstyle is easily gained by applying some good quality gel.

Even Nick Jonas changes his curly surface to a chic slicked back style. Even his version is something that guys would choose to mimic.

Recently, in Oscars, Jared Leto was the center of attraction for his stunning slicked back and beard blend, which delivered him a perfect but matchless personality balance.

New hairstyle

Well, this is the latest hairstyle of Zayn Malik, who is fashionista attracting a special place in breaking news for his temperament of coming up rocking hairstyles know to all men. At present, he has a sharp look with blonde highlights, low drop fade cut, and a taper style. This is one of the fresh 2017 hairstyles for men, which is derived from the styles of 2015 like the bun and undercut. This cut is likely to be viral among more men this year.

This is the classic hairstyle for men with short hair all around and one-length top hair. It can even extend on sides or blend with a fade. Still, the focus is to have truly short hair. This trend is coming back in 2017 with famous personalities such as Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Jamie Dornan, Olivier Rousteing, and Justin Bieber. The reason why this classic style is still budding in the current year is perhaps it’s easy and least maintainable styling.

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