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Today’s most attractive hairstyles for women over 50 aren’t about being a certain length (or color for that matter). Just because we’ve gotten older doesn’t mean there’s some “age-appropriate” look we should all be adhering to. We are the ageless generation after all and we understand there’s more than just one way for women over 50 to wear their hair and look attractive. What is more important than age is the face shape, texture of the hair and the amount of time you have to maintain your look. Few of us would have the time or money to keep up a hairstyle like Christie Brinkley with the required styling and hair extensions. However, that doesn’t mean we are limited in our choices. New hair style for ladies.

Stay Long

In our moms and grandmothers day, long hair was a big no-no after a certain age unless it was rolled up in a bun and only let down at night in the privacy of their bedrooms. Modern hairstyles for women over 50 today include very long hair. While few women over 50 can carry off long, flat-ironed hair like Halle Berry, it is stunning! If you have a similar oval shaped face, good bone structure and great hair, go for it.

This hairstyle is more forgiving than Halle’s. While Faith Hill’s oblong face shape and high rounded hairline is not necessarily well suited for long hair, the longer layers around the jaw line, cheeks and eyes create a nice frame for her face. Do try this hairstyle for women over 50 if you have good, thick hair with some natural wave.

The Shorty

Think short in a new way. Why? Because it’s forgiving. When we leave areas of length in a short cut we trick the eye, lessen jowls, and hide areas where gray returns the quickest. Sharon Stone’s stylish look is perfect for her oblong face and high forehead. The older we get the more we need to minimize a long face as it can make us appear older than we really are. This is also an easy look to style and will flatter most anyone but especially the woman with high check bones.

Jane Lynch’s layered razor cut is one that looks good on most any woman. The side swept bangs can offset a large forehead and the longer sides you can flick out gives the face a lift and makes for a very sexy look!

The Bob

The bob has come back in a big way for the past two years and no one wears it better than Katie Couric. Her blunt cut is perfect for medium weight hair that tends to run on the straight side, but if your hair is naturally thick, your stylist can do blunt-cut layers internally, so the top layer still looks long and blunt on top. That removes bulk, without losing the effect.

Christine Baranski’s hairstyle is more of a styled lob rather than a bob. The layers around the front of the face give it more versatility than a classic bob. With this style, you can wear it sleek with the longer lengths brushed back on the side or add more volume as Christine has for a softer look. Either way, you are going to have a style that flatters a lot of different faces.

Hairstyles for women over 50 have never looked more modern. If you are looking for a new way to wear your hair this year, throw out the old rule book on age-appropriateness and go with what suits your face, your lifestyle and your personality.

Robin Wright, Ellen Barkin, Lisa Rinna, Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda, and Angela Bassett all have one thing in common – at one point or another, they shed their long hair and rocked short hairstyles. There comes a point in all women’s lives when they know it’s time to recreate themselves and accept that maybe long hair just isn’t what it once was. Fortunately, there are great short hairstyles for women over 50.

If you are you asking, “How do I determine when that time comes?” Well, below are factors that help a woman make this momentous decision:

1. My hair quality isn’t quiet what it used to be. My elasticity is gone my hair looks lifeless and frizzy.

2. My hair feels thinner overall, has less body, and has trouble holding a blow dry.

3. I look tired no matter what I do. I just don’t look like I used to. Every time I look in the mirror I’m unhappy and feel old.

5. When I turn around and fling my hair, people look shocked that my long hair is on me!

Okay, now we decide it’s time for the plunge.

Well, it comes down to your facial shape, facial features, hair texture and lifestyle to determine which of the short hairstyles for women over 50 are right for you. Below are little hints to self analyze and use as a guide:

Pick a style with no middle part. Never wear a straight fringe. Push your bang to an asymmetric side angle, and wear a textured style to pull ones eye away.

Try an A line bob. Put the sharp front longer than your chin so it softens the area we all hate – our necks.

A stronger bang will trick you into focusing on your hair more than your eyes.

Show that jaw, but keep your top length longer. It will give your short cut the femininity that your strong jaw makes you forget.

Wear a short cut that has width more than height.

Here are a few rules of thumb for making the most of short hairstyles:

Short hair should never look perfectly placed. When it is, hairstylists call it Suburban, and that’s not good.

Have fun! Remember that short hairstyles can look different every day with products like pomades, mousses and gels.

Funk it up! Grow older with style, and remember my motto, “A change is as good as a rest.”

It’s the time of year when everything is blooming. Makes a girl want to shake off the winter doldrums and do something that shows the world she’s ready for a new start, too. Before you do something drastic you might regret, let me say two words: The Lob.

The Lob. What exactly is it – and should you go for it?

Not only can your stylist take off all the past hair damage in one fast swoop, the lob hairstyle is of the moment, and refreshes every woman’s look.

What specifically is great about it?

One of the questions we are most often asked by our clients is, “Am I too old for long hair?” First off, you are old enough to make that decision for yourself. That being said, in most cases, after a certain age, straight hair past shoulder length is usually not doing anything flattering for your face. In fact, it is probably aging you. However, there are ways to help combat that. If you are going to keep your long hair, make sure you get it trimmed often to keep it looking healthy, and consider adding some feathering and highlights to provide depth and softness around the face. Think Kim Cattrall, Susan Sarandon, Jaclyn Smith, Jane Seymour, Goldie Hawn and Raquel Welch.

Short haircuts and hairstyles

Another way to keep your hair – and you – looking great is to have your stylist lighten the color around the face and part line. The lighter hair helps disguise grays in those trouble spots, allowing more time between coloring appointments. But also, with the right application around your face, these highlights can reflect light and flatter your face with a soft glow.

If YOU decide you are too old for long hair but are struggling with the thought of going shorter, I can provide a motivating image. Remember Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair? That movie came out in 1999 and within weeks nearly every woman WANTED that hairstyle, HAD that hairstyle or was scheduled with their stylist to GET that hairstyle. It was glamorous, sexy, flirtatious, and long enough to give plenty of styling options. Rene Russo was the IT girl. People behaved as though they’d never seen a sexy woman over 40 before in their lives.

Look at Rene’s hair now – and look at it then. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful in both images. With the long style, she has layers and great color, adding softness around the angles of her face. But look at the Thomas Crown cut. Look what the side swept bangs and short length do for her eyes. This was a great look then, and is a great look that could be updated with a little longer front fringe and some movement (big curl) styling.

Another option to keep in mind if you are considering a shorter style is the lob. The lob is a universal hairstyle that looks great on everyone and gives you softness, motion and femininity. You can start on the longer side and stay that way, or work your way shorter as you gain courage.

Whatever you decide – remember, healthy hair is beautiful hair, and with confidence, you can carry off almost anything.

The 89th Oscars has come and gone, and what a show it was! Our star ladies did it up right, flaunting girl power, the ability to look regal, elegant, sophisticated, and rock those shorter cuts – all while dressing to the hilt and walking the red carpet. Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous gowns and glamorous hairstyles that claimed our attention.

Michelle Williams was resplendent in a plunging neckline and embellished skirt by Louis Vuitton. She may have lost the best supporting actress award, but to me, she won the best hair of the season. If anyone can pull off a short crop, it’s her; perhaps because she is a wee pixie herself, or maybe it’s the fact that she moves with such serenity that she doesn’t need shoulder length hair to be her armor.

Scarlett Johansson presented the award for best original song this year, and you can bet she knows about being secure. Over the years at the Oscars she has worn 40s, 60s, and 50s inspired hairstyles. But this year she gave us a throw back to the 80s by revealing her shaved undercut and styling her longer top into the ever popular pompadour. The effect was stunning with her purple floor-skimming Alaïa gown with sheer skirt. You go girl!

The ever-beautiful Charlize Theron wore a gold lamé Dior gown on the red carpet and sleek, short hair with a back pony double. Wow!!!

Janelle Monae, who starred in not one, but two of the Oscar nominated movies really stood out with her ultra short waved “do” adorned by a jeweled Jennifer Behr crown. Her Elie Saab gown was covered in lines of lace set with feathers, sequins, beads and crystal stones. All together, the hair and gown made her look like a classic, ethereal goddess.

Then we had Halle Berry, who showed us all that even while one’s body can triumph in a stunning Atelier Versace gown, one’s hair can scream “hairpiece!” It made me want to say, Join the club Halle! Go back to your short, dynamite hair and wear it proudly!

And the Oscar goes to… Viola Davis for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in the movie, Fences! Her body looked hot in her scarlet red Armani gown, but more importantly, the tight silhouette of that body hugging gown is framed ever so right with the soft and stylish cut that outlines the actresses fine bone structure.

Well, my readers, if celebs can rock these glamorous hairstyles at the Oscars, you can surely rock a short cut – no matter your age!

Everyone wants to have a good hair day. Most of us need a little help to achieve that perfect hairstyle. I’ve chosen some of my favorite tools I use everyday on my clients. I consider them the best hair styling tools for women over 50. With these products, you’re sure to have a good hair day – everyday.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Blow Dryer

This is the must have blow dryer for every woman. The name is the reason this lightweight dryer will not weigh you down. Added volume will be yours and you can complete your hair styling without muscle cramps in your arms. If you have arthritis or shoulder and neck issues, then this blow dryer is a perfect fit for you.

GHD Curve Curl Irons

Use Classic Curl Iron with medium barrel to create consistent curls for classic style and volume – even on short hair. The GHD (short for good hair day) Soft Curl Iron creates volume and tumbling, soft waves on longer hair.

GHD Curl Wands

The Creative Curl Wand is what you want for tousled beachy texture. You’re seeing that look all over the red carpet this award season, on both long and shorter hair. The Classic Wave Wand is oval shaped and creates deep waves for glamorous movement in longer hair.

The rectangular shape is the new Cadillac for beach waves. While the cone can give you that fabulous forties inspired wave. Plus, girls, get this – all you do is wrap!

GHD Classic Styler

Need one item to do all your hair styling? The GHD Classic Styler looks like a flat iron, and sure enough, it provides effortless straightening, but also easy curls and waves. It’s great for all hair types and lengths. This is your everyday styler.

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

Every girl needs a good hot roller. I call this the morning after – no pretending you know when bed head just doesn’t pass for sexy any longer. Pull out these beauties from T3. No need to wash if your hair is just messy. Simply plug in, wait for the dot to change color and wow, they are ready! Big sections (6-8 rollers) and bed head turns into “I’m ready for attention” hair.

All of these fabulous “must have” hair styling tools are my favorites and I bet they’ll be yours, too!

There are tricks of the trade for all lengths of hair and all types. We recently shared some Long Hairstyle Tricks That Get Gorgeous Results. Now, we will let you ladies with short hair in on a few secrets.

What do inquiring minds want to know?

How do I get my bed head, thick, short hair flat and straight again?

Hop out of bed and put on a wooly, tight knit hat. In less than 20 minutes your body heat will do all the work for you. It’s the good version of “hat hair.”

How do I keep my short waves perfect over night?

A few finger wave clips around the hair line and a hair net will keep the look of romance and wavy sophistication alive.

Pictures of haircuts

Can you? Of course! Twist hair around itself and wrap with pipe cleaners at the base. In the morning, you’ll have gorgeous short curls.

These simple short hair tricks can give your hairstyle a day two and three of that perfect look.

Recently, we held an event at our Rittenhouse location to show our guests how easy some fabulous party hairstyles can be.

We set out to inspire – maybe teaching a client who wears a bob that a few finger wave clips and a little gel can transform their chic, flat, day look into a waved evening do in about an hour. The tools can be bought on line and you can take them with you to your stylist to transform you.

Or how about the ever famous and feminine “Forties” look?

Just a mere curling iron, roller clips and waving clips can transform anyone’s shoulder length hair in about 30 minutes. The pin curls stand up on the crown and alternate everywhere else.

Did you know that you can buy the finest little party hats that secure with a long elastic band at your local party store? Putting it in place and bunching the hair around it gives the most gorgeous presentation of glamour and fun!

A HUGE topic on our agenda was deconstruction. Julia Roberts’ long hair is pulled back leaving the shorter pieces to create a deconstructed bob look that softens her face.

For this look below, all you really need to know is how to make a loose French braid. Put them at different places on the head, blouse them out with your fingers, and you’ll have a look that will really draw the eye. Believe it or not, with one lesson from your stylist, girls with longer hair can do this one at home by themselves.

Trendy was my idea of making the Mo Hawk a fashion must. Curl the hair tightly, then brush it out, securing the sides tightly with pins and arranging the loose hair on the top middle of the head. Believe me, this makes for a head turning look that says, “WOW!”

Let the Holiday Parties and Party Hairstyles begin!

Just remember – in all the fun, it is the season of giving.

We are beginning our 15th year of hosting our evening for the Battered Women Sanctuary for Families. We accept donations of new clothing in every size so our girls can look sharp for interviews that can change their lives and give them fresh starts.

If you’re in the mood to dress someone else for their big day, please send an outfit, bag, accessory or shoes to:

Sanctuary for Families Event

All sizes are accepted. There is always someone within the community that can use your donation.

Now, enjoy your party! From me and the Paul Labrecque Team, we wish you a very healthy New Year.

Over 50 doesn’t mean suburban hair – as many of these ladies know. Sexy, flirty styles are what beautiful women wear with confidence. To make the most of your look, think layered hairstyles for ageless beauty.

Textured Twisted Long Bob

Kate Capshaw may wear a Peter Pan collar, but she looks as far away from boyish with the sexy layers cut with a textured technique called slithering.

This process of sliding the points of sheers through the layers allows for less bulk and softens the usual rigid edge of a bob.

“Unstructured” Structure Cut

Yes, Diane Keaton has always been known for wearing her mid-length bob that looks fab with or without a hat, but she has adapted the cut for aging by point cutting layers into the shape.

This technique gives height as well as a messy flick that really says sexy can happen at every age. And, nice color Diane – letting the gray become one of the highlights.

Flippy Fabulosa Cut

Jane Fonda will not turn 80 without sex appeal. When she shed her long hair for this flippy gamine-like style she got more notice than she had in years. Every vertical layer is slithered, leaving a lightness that flips out so easily! She makes aging beautifully look effortless.

Shaggy Shapely Cut

Notice how soft the line is of this cut. A shag always takes the eye away from our neck and wrinkles, giving a youthful finish to the cut. Bravo Linda Gray, who lightened her color to make the gray look less severe and shagged the hair with a slide cut to soften the demons of time.

Glam Hipster Cut

Always on my A-list is Diane Sawyer. She knows ultra short is too severe while long is just too dragging, so this whimsical soft layer cut is just the touch for the glam, hip life she leads.

Crop and Texture

Kris Jenner knows that when we age, the crop has to have a softness that wasn’t needed when she was younger. Notice that the hair covers the tops of her ears, while behind the ear a frame of softness deflects our eye from focusing on the chin.

Wedgy-layered Firefly

Katie Couric with her cherub face has always looked best in short hair. Fringed layers incorporate interior movement into a wedge-like cut that would normally be heavy and “pulling” on the face shape. Professional, yes, and sexy!

Bobby-feathered Graduation

I love this cut! Graduation shouldn’t be only in the back, it must progress from the bang to the nape, resulting in a feathery soft finish on a cut that might otherwise be harsh.

Ladies hair style

Rotary-layered Curls

Jennifer Gray wears rotary graduation with such glamour! She lets us all know that no matter what her critics say, she accepts and wears her hair’s natural texture with Haute Couture!

Choppy Cross Cut

Martha Stewart relieved the heaviness of her hair with this choppy cross cut, moving through the hair both horizontally and vertically, point cutting every layered edge in both directions.

Edgy Razored Layer Cut

Suzanne Somers never looked better! Her always heavy hair has an edgy razored cut that gives movement and messiness that heightens a gal’s sex appeal.

Get your layers moving girls!

It’s simple. Layered hairstyles soften your look – so make sure texture is a part of your cut.

Use light styling products to lift and separate, showing off the light edge of the cut.

Feel free to visit where you’ll find many resources for the ever trendy, ageless beauty tips you desire!

Models and actresses know that embracing long hair can turn heads and never get the word cute as a description of their look – not that there is anything wrong with the word cute. God knows, as my once slender frame expanded, cute was a compliment I was reaching for. However, who wouldn’t prefer hot or sexy to cute? Long hairstyles for women over 50 pictured below prove YOU can be hot after 50!

A sparkle of youth,

an image of sexiness,

framing a rounder face,

ageless beauty,

a show of color,

embracing your textured hair…

Let’s face it – where short hair reinvents you, long beautiful hair can make you. It swings, it moves, and best of all, it blows in the wind. But there are a few things to consider when you choose to go long…

Avoid middle parts–severe middle parts draw too much attention to flaws.

Try a side part–a part on either side brings the eye to your more forgiving features.

Layers add movement– hair that moves is younger looking than hair that simply hangs.

Well, self-critiquing is a must when it comes to long hairstyles for women over 50. If time has been kind to your hair and it is still supple, doesn’t appear processed, shines with color, has minimal frizz and holds a beautiful blowout–by all means, keep it long. Shake your long mane and throw on a pair of skinny jeans. Sexy doesn’t end at 50, girls. That’s why we call our magazine Prime – you have a lot more sexy to live!

When Kate Middleton was seen sporting freshly cut bangs last September, they suddenly became a “thing” again. While Prime Women aren’t typically slaves to celebrities’ latest hair styles, there is some good reasons why we might want to follow suit. For years now, bangs have been referred to as the natural Botox. With aging, there is no better way to conceal those frown lines than by adding those lovely little wisps of hair called bangs.

Funny story – in England bangs are called “fringe”. Imagine the odd look I got when I worked in London as an American in training and asked my first client, “How long do you like your bangs?” She looked at me in fright and hurriedly rushed from my chair. I’ll let you guess what she thought I meant…

Bangs can work on any face shape, straight or curly and long or short hair. At my Paul Labrecque salons in New York, we tell everyone she can wear bangs if she wants. However, the question is deciding which one is best for you. There are all kinds of variations but three main types of bangs.

Three Main Types of Bangs:

All three types of bangs can be used to change a style and update a look. Hairstyles with bangs quickly recreate a client’s entire appearance. It’s important to know that bangs look best on longer faces, especially if they are thick and heavy.

Girls with a widow’s peak or cowlick have a horrible time getting straight bangs to fall flat. For shorter, smaller faces, particularly oval shaped, side bangs make a perfect change. Biggest faux pas in fashion is making your bangs super straight whilst leaving the rest of your hair curly. That look takes the sex right out of goddess and accentuates the myth of suburban looking hair.

Why do we have a love/hate relationship with bangs?

Once they are cut, they take forever to grow out, leaving a girl in a state of panic when she wants to tie her hair back to go to the gym. An alternative and quick fix is a clip-on bang piece – a small extension that put bangs in when they are needed and clips right out when you want to go for a run. Don’t be shocked. Many celebrities wear them. Think of how they just change their look so quickly.

I say, if you want to change your look but don’t want to get a big cut, try a bang. Consult with your stylist first on what bang is right for you.

Bangs always seem to me to bring the little girl out in a woman for one more walk down memory lane.

As a hair stylist, I spend a lot of time changing looks for people for special occasions. Oftentimes, I am given a celebrity that my client identifies with to make that style happen.

Last week, for example, Hayley was attending a black tie event with her new guy. Now for me, I get inspired by wardrobe and pictures. She saw a picture of Jessica Chastain and explained her outfit to me and wanted a similar feel for her event. So many times women will go to an event and try to make themselves look totally different. To me, this doesn’t usually work well and most often leaves the client with a picture that soon after it is taken to be anti-climatic. So when Hayley mentioned to me after coloring her hair that she wanted to wear her beautiful hair down, we got right to it and created the perfect Hollywood glamour hairstyle!

Wanding is a great way to transform your hair. It’s a simple technique that anyone can do at home. By merely taking your own hair and twisting it around the barrel of the wand, you too can go from straight to a red carpet Hollywood glamour hairstyle. Using small sections starting in the nape and working up the head until every piece of hair has been waved is all you have to do. The smaller the section, the tighter the wave. In Hayley’s case, we did a deep part. After the entire hair was waved, I used my fingers as a brush to comb out the hair. A little of Paul Labrecque volume to finish, and glamour was locked in place for the night.

FYI, just because you are in your Prime doesn’t mean you can’t wear your hair long for as long as you want. Adding waves is a great way to give yourself a more youthful look. ‘

May all your glamour girl dreams come true!

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