Wedding hairstyles. 41 DIY Cool Easy Hairstyles That Real People Can Actually Do at Home!

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Love finding new ways to style your hair? How about cool easy hairstyles that are quick and pretty much fool proof? We’ve all seen the super cool hair tutorials on Pinterest, but come on people, some of these take forever! (if you can actually even pull it off) Who has time for hairstying tutorials like that? Not me, at least not for every day wear to school and other impromptu outings. How about some hair styles for real life? We found some, 41 of them, in fact. Complete with pictures and easy to follow step by step tutorials, these are some of the most creative looks around, perfect for teens to be able to easily do themselves. Cool, right? From cute braids to looks for long and short hair, and everything in between, we have some awesome simple looks for you to try today. Update that basic ponytail and try something a little bit more glamorous, or go with one of our favorite messy buns. We love these awesomely easy hairstyles and know you will, too! Check em out…. Easy hairstyles.

What do we do to a long hair? We braid it! This stylish braid tutorial will give your hair an edgy but carefree look! For this step by step braiding tutorial and more, click the link above. I love this look for work or school, but you could pretty much sport it anywhere.

2. DIY Messy Bun

Oh, we just love messy buns don’t we? But how do we really whip up a perfect messy bun and rock it? Click the link above to know! I thought this hairstyle was going to take a lot longer than it did, you will be surprised, too!

Haircut short style 2016

3. DIY Infinity Braid Tieback

Now in contrast to common belief, you do not have to be an EXPERT to learn how to do an infinity braid! You just got to pay attention to the tutorial through the link above and you’ll surely rock this look in no time! A cute look for both daytime and evening, even special occasions, this hair style is definitely worth learning how to do.

4. DIY Easy Buns Tutorial

How easy is an EASY bun? Well, check this easy bun tutorial through the link above to know! I promise you you’ll have fun! A cool last minute hairstyle that will have you walking out the door on time, with perfect results.

Punk hair

5. DIY Twisted Crown Braid

Ah! This hairstyle is probably my most favorite! It is so pretty and chic but at the same time it is SUPER EASY to do! Learn how to get this twisted crown braid for yourself by clicking the link above this image. The step by step tutorial makes it easy, we promise.

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