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Let’s say that you’ve successfully nailed the five-minute face, and now have less than a minute remaining for the rest of your look. What exactly can you do to your hair in 30 seconds, besides give it a casual finger-comb? As it turns out: basically anything that doesn’t require heat tools. For lessons on the art of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hairdo, we turned to two of our favorite celebrity stylists, Sarah Potempa and Kristin Ess. Below, nine styles that are pro-approved, Instagram-worthy, and guaranteed not to cut into your beauty sleep. Easy hairstyles.

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Peekaboo Braids

Admittedly, achieving this exact look — beach waves and all — is probably going to take more than 30 seconds. Sarah suggests simplifying the style by focusing on what makes it so eye-catching: playing around with braids of varying size. “It can turn something simple into something so unique,” she says. “To simplify, braid two three-strand braids. Play around with the size and make sure one is bigger than the other.”

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The Half-Up Topknot

Good enough for Kendall? Definitely good enough for us. “This look is perfect for second day waves,” says Sarah. You’re basically elevating the half-up hairdo with a tiny topknot, but she likes to make it even easier (and faster!) by eliminating bobby pins altogether. To do so, she wraps hair around The Half Up from Beachwaver. The device looks like an elliptical, flattened doughnut — and it magically produces super-quick baby buns.

The Double Pony

Thirty seconds is ample time to put your hair up in a ponytail, so why not do two and stack them on top of each other? “This look can definitely take less than 30 seconds with any hair type,” promises Sarah. “Start by tying half your hair up with an elastic band, and make sure to keep your sections clean. Then, tie the rest of your hair in a low ponytail.”

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Snake Braids on Relaxed Waves

Sarah loves this style on relaxed, loose waves — to get a similarly beachy effect with minimal time, try hitting your hair with a few spritzes of surf spray. Then, start the styling. “Braid a simple, three-strand braid with about half inch sections,” she instructs. “Make sure to leave about an inch at the bottom, and be sure not to braid the hair too tightly. Grab the middle section of the braid, and push the two sides up to the top. Start pulling the two strands back down and adjust to your liking. Bobby pin to keep it all in place.”

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Braid Barrettes

This style might look like an all-morning endeavor, but we promise that it still fits the 30-second time frame. “Start off by braiding a small, simple braid right behind each ear,” says Sarah. “Stretch both braids across to the opposite side of the head and secure. Then, grab a double flexible headband to secure one band on top of the braids, while the other band falls below.” See? Simple!

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The Wrap & Pin Pony

No hair tie looks chicer than your actual hair — trust us (and Kristin) on this. “This is one of my favorite styles for girls with a lob because there aren’t tons of easy options for pulling your hair back with bobs and lobs,” she explains. “It’s so simple; you just leave a piece out on each side and pull everything else back into a low pony. Once it’s secure, take those two pieces and tie them together above the low pony. Take the tails of that and wrap them under, then pin them.”

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The Bob Bun

Want to rock a bun on shorter lengths without the aid of a million bobby pins? No problem — just go the half-up route. “For a quick style on bob-length hair, try pulling half of the hair up and twisting it into a bun,” says Kristin. “The trick is to add a little texturizing powder to the section you’ll be twisting before you secure it. That will create texture, allow some hairs to drop out, and provide a little grit to help the style stay put.”

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The Big Bun

This is Kristin’s go-to hairdo, which is especially ideal if you’re working with a longer style. “This is my own signature big bun that I wear all the time,” she says. “It’s so fast and good for those days when you’re just too busy and can’t be bothered because you’re trying to do everyone else’s hair!” We might not be familiar with the latter part, but we definitely know what it’s like to be rushed. Try this style on second-day hair that’s been texturized with dry shampoo. “The key to this bun is flipping the head over to gather your hair, before looping it through the ponytail holder,” she notes.

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The Rafunzel

Here’s yet another style to add to your braid repertoire — for days when you want a touch of intricate romance in your running-out-the-door look. “You start off with a basic three-strand braid,” instructs Kristin. “Once you get to the bottom, hold one of those strands and slide the other two up. That’s it! You’ll end up with this gorgeous gem. You can also gently pull it apart to make it messier.” And to make sure it stays put? “Add texture powder if your hair tends to slip out of a style easily.”

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