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Pictures of Hats & Hairstyles 1930-1939 in Costume History

This page has over 100 images of hats and hairstyles. Each of these thumbnails will enlarge into an A4 page of images of hairstyles and hats for the individual years of 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933-34, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939. Pictures of hairstyles.

The early1930's female silhouette was feminine. Although slender it had elegance and was not flat like the boyish lines of the 20s. Curves were back and these 1930's womanly curves were emphasised by the use of bias cut fabrics. Grooming of the face with now acceptable make up more artfully applied and pencil thin eyebrows together with a sleek upswept hairdo completed the thirties look.

1930's millinery followed the mood of the day with curving styles often with romantic trims or witty hats that contrasted with the immaculately groomed look. Many 30's hats were worn tilted to one side. As brims became flatter and wider so crowns lowered and by 1933 there was the hat style that was almost like a pancake panama.

Later hats such as the tall toques of 1937 and 1938 were made even higher with extra feathers. On occasion they were decorated with velvet petals or a mass of roses, violets or pretty clusters of lilies of the valley.

Long curly hairstyles

One of the most useful styles to emerge was the cache-misère turban which enabled the wearer to bundle away the hair on a bad hair day, but appear immaculately groomed and elegant.

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo's fashion style was imitated globally. In particular fans loved her shaded face make up known as the Garbo look. She often completed the enigmatic look with her famous slouch Fedora hat.

Other influential people included Parisian milliner Schiaparelli who loved to shock with her outrageous hat styles that echoed surrealism. She turned a shoe shape into hat styles and used pencils for hatpins. Some styles were amazing and echoed back to the days of Marie Antoinette and ships in hair. Schiaparelli's version was a bird cage hat with canaries inside or a crown that was in reality a vanity case or a pin cushion hat or chimney pot. She had fun designing hats and her most famous is the shoe hat and the hat in the shape of a lamb chop. These fashion pictures went around the world.

Latest short haircuts for ladies

Through the 1930s Paris remained the centre of hat fashion design and many important fashion house employed as many as 300 employees who solely worked on millinery tasks. But the costliness of Parisian hats also saw the American market producing hats with panache and well suited to its home ground.

Lilly Daché who worked in 1930s New York built up her Daché hat emporium. She was famed for her snoods and her silk flower decorated cocktail hats for evening. Her turbans designs and profile hats that highlighted the face were all the rage.

As the thirties drew to a close and as war approached new hat styles took on a military air with peaked caps, bicorn and tricorne effects. Many hat styles exhibit these elements on the next pages.

How to hair style

For some more written text on the 1930s hair and hat styles please see the previous page.

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