Short hairstyles 2016

Spring 2016: Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles, ,Arabia

As spring gives way to clear skies and balmy temperatures, women are inspired to switch up their hairstyles. Fortunately, breaking out of a beauty rut doesn’t require a complete makeover; sometimes all it takes is parting with a few inches of your hair. Indeed, the transformative power of a short hair cut is undeniable. A chic, wash-and-go chop has the ability to transform your features while projecting confidence, and if the cuts on these celebrities are any indication, the hottest, short hairstyles for spring are lobs, bobs, and fobs. Just as the lob (long bob) appeared to be on its way out, Hanneli Mustaparta, Khloé Kardashian, and Tala Samman proved that it’s here to...

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